International Language Academy

Yala Islamic University


— International Language Academy of Yala Islamic University ( ILA) which is located at Paramitae, Budi, Muang, Yala province was officially established on May 1, 2004. It enjoys the same status as that of a faculty. The principal responsibility is to provide preparatory language course to undergraduate students in international curricular from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Islamic Studies, and the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. The I.L.A envisions as an institute to develop expertise in the area of language proficiencies and promotes Islamic ethical awareness in such a way as to help all involved live more meaningful lives through the uses of the language in the global context. ILA’ students are confident in the use of language in their departments and communicating to people from societies and be appreciate the breadth and depth of the cultural and social aspects of the language.

— Nowadays, ILA runs 3 centers which are English, Malay, and Arabic with about 400 students, 35 lecturers , and 15 officers.

— ILA Curricular :

— Elementary of English, Malay, and Arabic

— Intermediate of English, Malay, and Arabic

— Advanced of English, Malay, and Arabic

— The program lasts in one year. ( 825 hours / 275 hours per level )


Language shall be skillful with strongly believe in Islamic ethical awareness, academic emphasis is propagated towards international standard.


The institution aims to enhance students in language proficiency with Islamic Ethical maintenance, and be superb in knowledge.


- To harmoniously operate with the college mission.

- To produce and enhance students in academic competence with inculcating in Islamic ethical awareness,

- To be the center of training language, producing better quality of language research, and organizing learning experiences with international standard.

- To be the center that harmonizes with the social desire in language learning.

- To operate in cultural nourishment which is harmonious with university policy.

Administrative committee

- 1. Mr. Abdurrahman Woder President

- 2. Mr. Pratya Binmadnee Vice President

- 3. Mr. Romsee Habyusoh Vice President

- 4. Mr. Muhamadzakee Jehni Committee

- 5. Mr. Abdurrahman Tohlong Committee

- 6. Ms. Firdause Sulaiman Committee

- 7. Mr.Manan Committee

- 7. Mr. Wahab Awae Secretary